Pocket-size book ‘Little Kingdom by the Sea’, a walking guide through history along the iconic Delft Blue KLM houses. This highly original tourist guide reveals the amazing secrets and wonderful stories behind each Delft blue KLM house, and show you were to find the original historic buildings which modelled for the iconic collection. Curious about the whereabouts of KLM house #99 (to be revealed on October 7)? Little Kingdom reveal its location and has an amazing story to tell about its inhabitants.

‘Little Kingdom by the Sea’ contains folding maps of The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Delft and Leiden. As an extra, we’ll show you the location of 15 of the oldest bars in Amsterdam (from 1550 t0 1786) to have your own Great Amsterdam Historic Pub Crawl.



Complete updated book (including the story of KLM house 99). ‘Little Kingdom by the Sea, a celebration of Dutch cultural heritage’ provides you a privileged glimpse inside 99 of the country’s most distinguished, remarkable and treasured private residences.

English language | size 10 x 14 x 3,7 cm | 926 pages full color | 300 photos and images | 0,6 kg |isbn 978-90-828898-1-9