Pre-order Limited Edition Kingdom by the Sea: 500 Years of Dutch Design


Limited Edition ‘Kingdom by the Sea: 500 Years of Dutch Design’ with a exclusive porcelain tile on the front cover, made by Royal Goedewaagen.

The famous Delft blue KLM houses are modelled after original designs from the grand masters of Dutch architecture, from Hendrick the Keyser and Jacob van Campen to Hein Berlage, the Godfather of modern Dutch architecture. This book hives an overview of 500 years of building history, reveals the stories behind the facades of about hundred monuments across the Netherland and offer an exclusive peak inside the lives of the inhabitants of heritage houses, like Rembrandt, Mata Hari and the founding father of Heineken.


The Limited Edition Kingdom by the Sea, 500 Years of Dutch Design offers an exclusive peek behind the facades of about hundred heritage houses and national monuments which modelled for the famous Delft blue KLM collection. This exclusive edition will become available on the day KLM reveal its 99th miniature on October 7, 2018. You can pre-order your copy of the Limited Edition now, and choose your favorite number between 1/250 and 250/250.

The 99 miniatures and collectors items are produced after an original design by the grand masters of Dutch architecture like godfather Hendrick de Keyser, Jacob van Campen (the architect of the Royal Palace), Philips Vingboons (the inventor of the neck gable), Pieter Post (who designed the Gouda Weigh house) or Dolf van Gendt (the architect of the Royal Concertgebouw Building) or Hein Berlage, the godfather of modern Dutch architecture.

To this day, talented Dutch architects from the past have inspired generations at home and abroad. Like true stars, they reached to the farthest corners of the world to make Dutch Design an iconic and lasting architectural style. And even so, before the word ‘Dutch Design’ was created and hyped.

For the very first time, the iconic collection of KLM miniatures is placed in ranking order of the year of construction of the original monument. This book represents at least five hundred years of building history and reveal the stories of  the people who once lived in the historic houses upon which the KLM collection is based; portraits of pioneers, bold adventurers, innovative entrepreneurs and other colourful figures who made their mark on Dutch history.

Extensive archive research and interviews with (architectural) historians and current residents of the properties have yielded a wealth of great anecdotes and unique and entertaining stories.

The cover of the Limited Edition of Kingdom by the Sea: 500 Years of Dutch Design has been made of precious Chinaware, produced by Royal Goedewaagen. The procelain tile (with an original design inspired by Dutch artist Mondrian) comes with a certificate of authenticity. Every copy is numbered from 1/250 to 250/250, signed by the author and wrapped in a beautiful gift box.


  • available from October 7, 2018
  • 448 pages, 1800 photos and other images
  • head and tailband, orange and blue ribbons



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