ebook ‘Little Kingdom by the Sea, secrets of 104 KLM houses revealed’




Little Kingdom by the Sea, a celebration of Dutch cultural heritage

Memories are our most precious possessions and often come to life through something small. Therein lies the power of a souvenir too. On October 6, 2023, KLM presented its new Delft blue house no. 104, a replica of Holland’s oldest train station, located in Valkenburg (province of Limburg) and constructed in 1853.

The world-class collection of miniatures is modeled after heritage houses and landmark buildings from all over the Kingdom of the Netherlands. They are filled with amazing stories, which enrich you with knowledge and can inspire. The ebook ‘Little Kingdom by the Sea’ reveals the hidden stories behind the facades of all 104 monuments. Meet its residents, including members of the Royal Family, entrepreneurs who turn their name into a global brand, and pioneers for whom the sky was the limit.


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