Congratulations KLM! On October 7, 1919 the Dutch flag-carrier Royal Dutch Airlines was founded. The number of years equals the amount of the world class Delft blue KLM houses, the smallest status symbols of the country and cherished collector’s items by travelers around the globe.  On its anniversary date, Pieter Eilbers, president and CEO of KLM, added No. 97 to the world class collection. If you like to receive the story about No. 97 in your mailbox for free, please send an email to

On the same day, Dutch author Mark Zegeling presented his new high-end coffee tablebook about the monuments which modelled for the iconic collection. On top of that, he also offered you a Limited Edition in Dutch language with a cover made of real porcelain by Royal Delft (est. 1653). Check out the shop on this website for more information (click on the shopping icon above)


algemeen Mark 3

Mark Zegeling

Author Kingdom by the Sea, 

A celebration of Dutch cultural heritage and architecture